Parlor 2018/19 Pre Sale Starts Now!


As the calendar slips away and the kids are going back to school, our minds shift as always to thoughts of the ski season to come. And then - we remember it's time to launch the Parlor PRE-SALE!

We're kicking this year off with an exclusive opportunity to pre-order skis at a discount to the Parlor faithful. This is the only time of year we discount skis, so make sure to pick up a pair before we run out!

We have a limited number discounted skis available, if you click on the 20% and it is sold out, try the 15%... as always, this is good for any of our platforms and we guarantee you will love these skis or your money back!


Buy Custom Graphics At 20% Off

Buy Custom Graphics At 15% Off

Buy Limited Edition at 20% Off

Buy Limited Edition at 15% Off


Not sure what you want? Try the Fit Tool.

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Marc Balizer
Marc Balizer

August 25, 2018

Love your stuff.

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