No, seriously. We're hosting a Snowboard building class with Jesse Loomis from PowderJet on February 25th & 26th, right here in Eastie. Jesse is a fellow craftsman who's kind of into sliding on snow. He's been hand building building boards since 2008, and they are true works of art. We're really stoked to be able to offer this class to everyone in our community who has asked us about making snowboards in the past. We recently took the opportunity to sit down with Jesse and ask him a few questions to help introduce him to our community. Hope you enjoy, and if you'd like to reserve a spot at the class you can do it right here

Where are you from originally, and how did you get into Snowboarding?

JL: Raised in Rupert, VT. I started snowboarding in 1987, when I was in Junior high.


Where do you live and ride now?

JL: I live in Peru, VT and ride primarily at Bromley & Stratton. My partner and I love skinning up MRG before the lifts start running. It’s Vermont, we’re riding on your mountains… whether you like it or not ;)


When did you build your first board?

JL: I started building in the winter of 2008, and the first time I rode one was on Obama’s inauguration day on 2009. Super simple board, but it worked really well. I sold my first board in 2010. 


What's your favorite thing about building custom boards?

JL: I really like doing the classes, because I love the back and forth with the clients. It’s really cool to figure out what’s important to them as a rider. The collaboration...


We’re really stoked to have you at our shop in Boston, anything you want the people to know before they show up? 

JL: Don’t be intimidated by the amount of work. We take our time, and it’s a learning experience. We don’t expect you to be a master wood worker, otherwise, why would you need us?


Apres Beverage of choice?

JL: Since we’re gonna be in Boston, I’ll have to go with anything from Trillium.


So, there you have it. Jesse is our brethren in the build, he just likes to slide down on one plank rather than two. If you get to MRG early enough, you might finding him poaching your powder stash, and if you're coming by the class on February 25th & 26th - bring something from Trillium. 

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