Whistlepig x Parlor

The Boss Hog



Whiskey and Skiing are a match made in heaven, but luckily at Parlor you don't need to wait for the after life to indulge. For the 2018-19 season we created an incredible new ski to partner up with one of the world's best whiskeys, "The Boss Hog" from WhistlePig Rye Whiskey.

The birth of this collaboration started almost a year ago when we met on the mountain and decided that we needed to find a way to incorporate the staves from a whiskey barrel into a ski to bring together our two favorite pastimes and celebrate a colorful chapter in our sport's history. We worked long hours to bring the dream to life and landed on the perfect solution -- making the sidewalls for our ski out of the oak from the barrels that aged The Boss Hog whiskey.

Available on any of our platforms, this super exclusive, one of a kind ski is only sold as a package with a bottle of The Boss Hog Vth Edition, The Spirit of Mauve, and can be purchased at the WhistlePig Tasting Room in Stowe. Limited quantities available.

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