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Split Board

The DropWallet is a directional all-mountain/powder board that will surprise you with every turn. It’s short and stubby nature makes for a super stable, slashy board that can dip and dodge when needed just as well as it arcs turns on groomers. A short, split tail and spooned out nose provides excellent lift and agility when it gets deep. For when it’s a bit shallower, the DropWallet relies on a slightly tapered 8 meter side cut and maximized effective edge to rail turns and slash anything that looks like a wave. It's an attention-grabbing board that will leave you looking for that next turn. And lastly, don’t forget to pick up your wallet that you dropped on that sick backside slash.


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Length: 1530 mm

Running Length: 1047 mm

Effective Edge: 1107 mm

Nose: 326 mm

Waist: 282 mm

Tail: 305 mm

Sidecut Radius: 8 m

Stance: 524-644 mm

Camber Options:



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