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A Surfer’s take on a traditional twin. The TubeShooter is a powerful and confident board that builds energy in every turn, driving you throughout your line.

With a relatively tight side cut radius at 7.3 meters this board lives to be on edge, railing turns and holding on hard pack. Early rise and maintained width in the nose allows the board to sustain float in softer snow and power through more variable conditions.

By lifting the tip up earlier, the transition from a tight turning radius to the nose is more natural, making for a smoother turning experience. The squashed tail provides maneuverability while its stiffness creates a nice snap and drive out of turns. This board oozes confidence, just lay it over to find out.


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Length: 1560 mm

Running Length: 1109 mm

Effective Edge: 1200 mm

Nose: 315 mm

Waist: 260 mm

Tail: 292 mm

Sidecut Radius: 7.3 m

Stance: 500-620 mm

Camber Options:



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