How do the custom graphics work?

Creating a custom graphic with Parlor is a unique and fun way to personalize your skis. Based on a brief (or detailed) description of what you want your skis to look like, we pair you with one of our 6 graphic designers. They will work with you over the phone or email, to develop an idea then send you a few drafts, which you will then comment on and refine till its perfect! (2.5 hours of design time are included in the price of the skis, additional design time will be billed hourly.)

How do I order?

You can order skis directly through the website, we review every order that comes in and make sure the fit looks right based on the profile of the skier. If we have any questions we will reach out and ask you for clarification about you as a skier and where you will be using this pair, then we send them down to the shop to be built.

How do you know what skis to make me?

We know New England skiers, the terrain and the skis we are selling better than anyone else. By taking you through our online fit tool, looking at photos or video of you skiing and chatting on the phone or email. We get to know you as a skier. We then enginer a set of specifications that is perfect for your body type, terrain preference and skiing style.

What is custom about these skis?

The first part of the customization process is getting you on the right length and platform of ski (model). We then take a close look at how you ski and adjust, the flex pattern, core material, laminates, and graphics to fit each skier.

How long does it take?

Our standard lead time is 2-3 weeks. It can be longer in the busy season, so be sure to order early! We can expiated orders if our schedule allows, it never hurts to ask.

Can I try them first?

We have a demo fleet at Stowe and Wachussett and Molly, the Parlor truck, and the demo fleet are on the road all winter. Look at the events page for a list of on snow demos. If it is during the week, or a week we don't have an on snow demo you can pick them up in East Boston and take them north.

What if I don't like them?

We take them back, give you your money back and go ski on them ourselves!

Do I have to be a good skier to get custom skis?

No. We can help an intermediate. skier as much or not more than a expert skier. Getting someone to the next level because they are on a high quality ski that fits their body type and ability is one of the greatest joys of being a ski builder.

What about bindings?

Our skis can be mounted with any non-system, alpine, tele, or touring binding on the market. We retail look bindings and can mount them for you if you have your boot and come by the shop, or put them in the box and you can have them mounted by your local ski shop.

Can I come see the shop?

We run shop nights every other Wednesday all winter long, sign up come by, have a cold one and learn what it takes to build a pair of skis.

Do you really build everything in house?

Graphics to grinding, it all happens in Eastie.

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