Parlor Skis

The O.G.


That stands for Original Gangstah, for those of you not well versed in 90's hip hop. For this winter we chose to bring back one of our very first and not widley produced graphics for the Cardinal to celebrate it as the foundation of the parlor line up.

An absolute classic through and through, the “O.G” is built on Parlor’s most popular platform, the Cardinal 100, and inspired by the best ski movie of all time. In an era when the concept of “quiver” did not exist, we’re pretty sure the Cardinal 100 would have been the choice for most. It still is today. With full (but subtle) reverse camber and a modest waist, the ski can handle whatever is thrown at it: bumps, trees, powder, groomers.

We made a few subtle updates that the true faithful may well spot, and made them heartwood so that the cores show through just the slightest amount!



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