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The "McFellon" is a brainchild of our dedicated ski builders and Tim McLellan, aka Jah McFellon. Tim was born and raised in Vermont, coming up in the well-known Mad River Glen Freeskiing Team, where he was also a coach for several years.

When Tim came on board we all agreed that we needed to develop a ski perfectly tailored for Tim's hard-charging, cliff dropping, yet creative & flowy style. This meant making some significant changes to our "Mountain Jay" shape, including an early rise tail for increased floatation & maneuverability as well as a more centered mount point for easier mid-air acrobatics.

Tim brought his friend Caroline Kessler into the mix to help create a stunning top sheet, depicting the mountains of his new home of Jackson, along with a bird soaring over them. After a years of shredding on the McFellons, Tim is stoked to make his first ever pro-model available to the public. So here it is, available to you, not only the best performing but also the most durable ski this Wyoming-based shredder has ever had the pleasure of riding.

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mcfellon pro

Size (cm) :154164 171 178 185 192
Radius (m) : 19.8 19.8 19.8 19.8 19.8 19.8
Sidecut (mm) : 1190
tip: 144
waist: 112
tail: 138
tip: 144
waist: 112
tail: 138
tip: 144
waist: 112
tail: 138
tip: 144
waist: 112
tail: 138
tip: 144
waist: 112
tail: 138
tip: 144
waist: 112
tail: 138

camber profile

Camber describes the bottom profile of the ski and is a significant design factor.

reverse camber w/ early-rise tip & tail

Reverse camber (or "rocker") is when the tips and tails do not contact the snow when the ski lays flat. Reverse camber makes the ski more playful and easier to pivot off trail, without sacrificing much edge grip.


To help provide the best fit possible Parlor makes each ski in three flexes: soft, medium and stiff. Flex is determined through height/weight and skier style. The right flex allows a skier to access all of the contact points and performance of the ski: so the skier controls the ski and not the other way around. Medium is the default choice and appropriate for most riders.

lay-up options

The laminates are the main structural component of our skis. All of our custom graphic skis come with the option of a frontside or backcountry lay up.


Built with three layers of Vectorply triaxial fiberglass, this lay up prioritizes dampness and stability while still maintaining a low swing weight.


Built with two layers of Vectorply triaxial fiberglass and two layers of carbon fiber skrim, this lay up is lighter in weight for those who like to spend some time going up hill. The carbon also gives the ski a bit of added pop.

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