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If you love to carve and the cold and ice don't keep you inside: This. Is. Your. Ski.

"Project Warbird" has been in the works at the Parlor shop for a long time. We've spent countless hours in Autocad and several seasons on the slopes looking for the exact balance of dampness, snap and stability to answer the question—When is Parlor going to build a race-style ski? The answer is now we do. And you are going to love the way this ski handles. 

Inspired for the frontside and hard pack groomed terrain in New England, the Warbird includes Titana in the build and has a 16m turning radius and narrow waist of 78mm under foot, giving the ski race car-like handling and stability to match. Customized to your exact specifications, it will get you making those quick turns and remind you why having a carving ski in the quiver is so much fun.

Tip: 125     Waist:78    Tail:106     Radius: 16m


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