6 Keys to a Great Day at Tuck's

Andrew Drummond of Ski the Whites likes to ski. A lot. One quick look at his website or Instagram will confirm that. The White Mountains of New Hampshire are his backyard, and along with his dog Squally he makes the most of it. In this blog post, Andrew lets us in on 6 essential things to do, bring, or remember if you're going up for a day of skiing at Tuckerman's Ravine.
  • Gear: Crampons - get some lightweight aluminum crampons. Even if there's an established booter you'll want the ability to pass people and avoid slipping. If you're looking for a third point of contact bring an ice axe for some of those steeper bootpacks.
  • Sun: Follow the Sun and hit the lines as they warm up. Left Gully has the shortest exposure so that's best skied early while Right Gully and Lobster Claw are baking throughout the day. Look for temps in Jackson, NH to hit 50-60ºF to ensure the bowl will unlock after a cold night. Also remember, nothing good happens after 3pm when that shade line starts creeping across the bowl.
  • Warm up: Start with some of the easier runs like Right Gully or Lower Chute before sending. It's good to figure out the feel of the snow and your skis before getting rowdy.
  • Layer up: This is Mount Washington after all. Weather changes quickly and you'll want to stay comfortable which means bringing a shell, puffy, and mid layer. I also throw in an extra pair of gloves and some hand warmers because you never know how long you'll be out there.
  • Enjoy the show: If you're coming up on the weekend embrace the chaos and enjoy the spectacle of spring skiing in the bowl. If you're lucky you'll see a little bit of everything - Cliff hucks, yard sales, and the full spectrum ski abilities with gear to match!
  • Explore! There's a lot more to ski than Tucks. Go check out any of the neighboring ravines for a change of scenery and challenge yourself to ski something new once you've made your rounds in Tuckerman Ravine.


Buy the image below by Andrew and support Friends of Tuckerman Ravine and check out skithewhites.com for backcountry gear and tips.