We are thrilled to launch a special collaboration with the Kelly Brush Foundation; custom skis that are built to meet the unique performance needs of monoskiers. This particular ski design is the culmination of years of work understanding the unique forces that a sit skier puts on the ski. We have increased not only the overall stiffness of the ski but also lengthened the stiffest part of the ski to account for the increased force placed on a single ski. We also incorporated a longer lower tail rocker on the ski to allow it to pivot more freely for low speed control, without sacrificing the ability to carve at higher speeds.

We are thrilled to offer these two platforms in partnership with the Kelly Brush Foundation, Greg Durso and Kelly Brush were integral to the R+D on this project and we are very grateful for that. 10% of all sales will be donated to the Kelly Brush Foundation to help support their mission of empowering people with spinal cord injuries to live active and engaged lives.

From Greg:

“It was a dream come true to work with the Parlor team on this ski. It's rare to get this level of engagement and collaboration creating a new piece of adaptive sports equipment. With Parlor’s help and expertise, we’ve created a ski that will help adaptive skiers have more fun on the mountain, and monoski with confidence.” said Kelly Brush Foundation program director Greg Durso. “Parlor are the absolute experts on knowing how to build a ski that’s designed to meet certain demands. We were able to quickly identify the nuances and unique forces in monoskiing, and Parlor built a ski that can handle the full energy of a downhill line. With our input, Parlor took everything into account: how sit skiers tend to break their ski right in front of or behind their binding; how most skis have not been stable or stiff enough or hold an edge the way we want them to; how the heal of our bindings tend to rip out; and how you still need to be able to wash your tail out when maneuvering around the flats or on the lift line. 

The best part is that with the custom options, you can go down to the shop and actually be a part of the process of making your ski, even picking the wood for your sidewalls.I couldn’t be more pumped for others to try the new ski for themselves!”

-Greg Durso

Measurements (Carving)

Size (cm) 164 171 178
Radius (m) 15
Vitals (mm) tip: 128
waist: 85
tail: 112
tip: 133
waist: 85
tail: 114
tip: 133
waist: 85
tail: 128


Measurements (All Mountain)


Size (cm) 168 175 182
Radius (m) 16
Vitals (mm) tip: 129
waist: 93
tail: 119
tip: 129
waist: 93
tail: 119
tip: 129
waist: 93
tail: 119

On our semi custom skis we use a standard flex pattern, which is appropriate for most skiers. The flex pattern for this ski has been designed to match the overall design of this ski and to provide a smooth and responsive feel for the ski

The laminates are the main structural component of our skis. All of our semi custom skis come with our frontside lay up. Built with three layers of Vectorply triaxial fiberglass, this lay up prioritizes dampness and stability while still maintaining a low swing weight.

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