The Parlor Story

Parlor began among three friends in an abandoned funeral parlor in Cambridge, MA.

Over years and many late nights honing the science and art of ski building, fueled by desire, beverages, and the most delicious pizza in all of Boston, Parlor Skis was born. After designing and building three models considered worthy by three dried-up ski racers, we sold an initial run of 25 custom pairs and never looked back. We are now the largest ski manufacturer in New England, and proud to be among a growing industry of ski builders and artisans across New England and the United States.

Parlor co-founders Mark Wallace, Pete Endres and Jason Epstein grew up in New England cutting our teeth in the youth race leagues, and later honing our skills through academy, collegiate and professional circuits. We know New England Skiing and it's our home. Whether we're laying arcs in the boiler plate of northern Maine, or taking a trip to the white room in a gully in Vermont, there is no where we are happier, or feel more free.

Parlor was founded on shared passion for skiing, New England, and designing and building great products. Our goal is to share this passion with as many people as we can.

We believe strongly in the New England tradition of hard work and making things the right way, with your hands. We are proud to make each pair of skis to order in our East Boston factory.

Welcome to the Parlor; it's different here.