RhinoChaser Split


This is your big mountain gun, a high-speed carving enthusiast that performs best in big terrain. With a lengthy yet nimble outline, you will be pleased to find substantial edge contact and quicker edge to edge maneuverability for high speed trenching carves.

Now, this is no one trick pony. You will be equally happy off the groomers and deep into the backcountry. A knifey tip outline accompanied with early rise and a longer running length will keep you on top of the deepest stuff you can find. A lower, more subtle tail splay maximizes the boards effective edge and maintains a drivey tail, essential for trenching turns on groomers and generating speed when its softer. A fast and charging board that every big mountain chaser needs.


Length: 164 cm
Running Length: 1131 mm
Effective Edge: 1210 mm
Nose: 305 mm
Waist: 260 mm
Tail: 289 mm
Sidecut Radius: 9 m
Stance: 484-636 mm

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