Since 2016 Parlor has been building (custom) snowboards that focus on the riding we do most, carving on groomers and surfing in powder. Our line up consists of four, co-ed board platforms from which to choose. Each board is engineered and built in our East Boston factory using the industry's best materials. When you buy a board from Parlor you’re buying a board built specifically for you. Riding style, body type, and overall desired performance are discussed, guaranteeing maximum stoke and ultimate shredding.

Meet Tyler Grees


If you look around the Shop, beyond the skis and snowboards, to the ingenuity behind the flow of work, organization, displays, desks and even the coffee table you'll see Tyler's craftsmanship. Tyler was raised to believe that it's always more rewarding to build something with your own hands than buy it in a store. Joining Parlor was a great fit for him, where he has honed the craft of ski construction and applied that knowledge to snowboard design and manufacturing.

His journey from skiing to snowboarding was surprising given that his dad was a collegiate ski coach, but inevitable since he also taught his son to surf. It didn't take long for Tyler to discover snowboarding and become a convert. For him, the mountains turned into an endless wave with hidden features everywhere. He still skis, but would rather be on his board.

Design Philosophy

When Tyler set out to create a line of snowboards for Parlor in 2016, he began by designing his ideal board. Simply put, he wanted to surf on snow.

He wanted a board that would allow him to ride the mountain as though it were a wave, link together flowy turns, generate speed and obviously, float in the deep stuff. It needed to be directional with volume in the nose, tapered tail and a long running length.

Today, these are the pillars of Parlor's snowboard shapes:

longer running length

Longer running length or effective edge provides a board with more snow contact allowing for better edge hold and stability.

Tapered Shapes

Tapered tail widths make for quicker edge to edge transition, and more float in pow.


Directional shapes and flex maximize float while maintaining drive and pop in the tail.

Custom fit & material quality

This is what separates Parlor from the rest. Every board is built to order in East Boston using the highest quality materials. We do a personal fitting with every client, taking into account their physical attributes and riding style to find the right model within our line up, matching flex, board width, and camber to guarantee a better board fit— and make every turn that much better. We’re confident that there is a board for you within our line up.

If you want to start from scratch and build your dream board from the bottom up, read about the Black Label process.





Black Label

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