We are committed to going beyond what you expect from a ski company; beyond the status quo and sub-zero temps. We go beyond that little voice of doubt in our heads that says slow down, maybe I will stay in bed, and just go.

Our mission is simple: to equip you with skis & boards that honor our New England heritage of craftsmanship and hyper-functional design. We leverage contemporary trends, personal experience with a minimalist approach. Our skis are customized for you, by you and with you, each one as individual as you are.

Our skis enable you to go beyond your own expectations. We craft confidence. Confidence to go a little faster and have a little more fun.

The Parlor Way


When we design your parlor skis we will account for your riding style, body characteristics, and the terrain and conditions where you’ll use your new boards. Additionally we will incorporate anything you may be working on or looking to improve. During your fitting we'll find the right combination of design factors to ensure you'll have your best days on your new Parlors.

Parlor educates our clients as much as they want about how skis are designed, the construction process, and how decisions in the customization process impact the performance of the ski. The following sections highlight aspects of the custom process and how buying Parlors is such a unique experience.

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