Custom Process

When we design your parlor skis we will account for your riding style, body characteristics, and the terrain and conditions where you’ll use your new boards. Additionally we will incorporate anything you may be working on or looking to improve. During your fitting we'll find the right combination of design factors to ensure you'll have your best days on your new Parlors.

Parlor educates our clients as much as they want about how skis are designed, the construction process, and how decisions in the customization process impact the performance of the ski. The following sections highlight aspects of the custom process and how buying Parlors is such a unique experience.

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Parlor’s quiver of shapes is designed to address every skiing style and type of terrain. The outline of the ski is the foundation of the build and has the largest impact on how the ski will perform.


All of our boards are built with the highest quality materials, including state of the art composites and resins, and wood cores that are glued and machined by an Amish mill. We have researched and assembled a pallet of materials that allows us to truly tailor the performance of each ski. Better materials mean better skis, plain and simple.


With each custom ski or board comes the opportunity to work with one of our talented graphic designers. Anything you can dream up can be put on your skis, we also offer a selection of predesigned graphics if you need a place to start, our you can check out the gallery here.


Craftsmanship is at the heart of everything we do at Parlor. Each ski is assembled by hand at our East Boston facility, from start to finish, with careful attention to detail and no corners cut. This means your skis will be beautiful and stand up to the abuse you’ll dish out on the hill.


Parlors are more than just a pair of skis. Ultimately, we hope premium quality and personalized experience give you a better connection to the mountain and your best days on snow yet. Welcome to the Parlor.

Get Started

Each custom build begins with a fitting. This deposit starts the process, we will reach out shortly to schedule your fitting, introduce you to your graphic designer and you are on your way to your new favorite pair of skis...

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