Ski Building With Parlor

The Parlor Build Class is the ultimate experience for any skier—young or old, couples or friends, parents and siblings or solo! There is nothing like carving a turn on a pair of skis that you made yourself; and during this class you work closely with the craftsman, designers and engineers at Parlor to build a ride that you can truly take pride in.

Every ski build begins with a fitting to determine what specifications will deliver you the perfect ski. Once fitted, you will work with a designer via email to create your own custom graphics for your top sheets. In class, you will work along side us—building your bases and cores, printing your top sheets, laying up the skis, and finally sanding and finishing the side walls and peeling the protective coating to reveal your skis!

Class Formats

We have finished our 7th season of ski building! Class dates for season 8,(2022) will be live in November!

We offer a consecutive 2-day weekday and weekend. *Weekend classes are limited.

  • Day 1, 9am - 4pm
  • Day 2, 9am - 2pm

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2021 Schedule


  • March 15/16: Sold Out
  • March 25/26: Sold Out
  • March 29/30: Sold Out


  • April 5/6: Sold Out
  • April 15/16: Sold Out
  • April 19/20: Sold Out
  • April 29-30: Sold Out


  • May 3/4: Sold Out
  • May 13/14: Sold Out
  • May 17/18: Sold Out
  • May 24/25: Sold Out


  • June 3/4: Sold Out
  • June 7/8: Sold Out
  • June 12/13: Sold Out
  • June 17/18: Sold Out
  • June 21/22: Sold Out
  • June 28/29: Sold Out


  • July 21/22: Sold Out
  • June 28/29: Sold Out


  • August 2/3: Sold Out
  • August 12/13: Sold Out
  • August 16/17: Sold Out
  • August 23/24: Sold Out
  • August 30/31: Sold Out


  • September 9/10: Sold Out
  • September 16/17: Sold Out
  • September 26/27: Sold Out


  • October: Sold Out

Parlor's Build Your Own Skis Class

Book Now

Cost: $1,750
- includes ski fitting, custom graphics, skis, plus food & beverages while at the Parlor.

$550 deposit starts the process and secures your production spot, balance will be billed after the graphics are completed before production starts.

If this is a gift let us know. We'll send you a gift card and stickers—or add some cool swag to unwrap!