How to Make Your Skis Unique

Parlor Graphics from parlorskis on Vimeo.

Custom graphics are one of the most fun parts of the process here at Parlor. You have a ski that's fully customized technically from an engineering standpoint, but this is the way the we bring your creativity to life. We showcase that the skis you have are one of a kind. We have an amazing team of designers who will work with you whether you know exactly what you want or you have no idea! They'll show you some different drafts, different ideas, and then they'll work with you to refine and get that finalized graphic done.

It really brings the whole ski together and gives you a chance to get out there and showcase something that's totally different. People are always asking on the lift "what is that?" and it gives you a chance to tell the story of the graphic or the process of buying the skis.

Start designing your graphics!