Parlor Explains: What Does Camber Actually Mean?

Parlor Camber from parlorskis on Vimeo.

Camber is one of the elements of the ski construction that's really important. It gives the ski a totally different feel. A flat camber ski and a traditional camber ski, even with identical dimensions, have a totally different feel. They respond really differently when you put pressure on them.

Traditional Camber

A traditional camber ski is off the ground in the middle and touching on either end. When you go to load that ski, you have to do more work to deform the ski to get it into the arc of the turn. It rebounds further and thus gives you more energy in the bottom of the turn.

Flat Camber

The flat camber ski is already a little bit initiated into the turn. When you go to roll the ski up on edge, it's a little bit easier into the turn and and the exit of the turn is a little bit smoother. Some of our other platforms, for example the Kingfisher, we use traditional camber underfoot and then early rise in the tip and tail. So if you picture the tips splayed really far apart, and that's going to give the ski a lot of floatation in the soft snow but allow it to allow it to ski much shorter on the hard groomers. It makes quicker turns on the groomers, and more elongated, surfy/fun turns in the soft snow. 

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