Parlor Skis in NRO on Charles Street

This year we've launched a pretty sweet partnership with North River Outfitters on Charles Street. They have a bunch of our Limited Editions in stock and ready for pick up! We will also be hanging out with them and hosting some fitting events/ cool ski hang outs. Stay tuned for announcements on dates - coming soon!

We caught up with Sean over at NRO to talk about how things are going down with the new Parlors on the wall.


Parlor: We're excited to have Parlor Skis back on Charles St! Can you tell us what you like about Parlor and why you felt they were a good fit for NRO Boston?

NRO: Parlor speaks to the true skier who wants the true fit for their ability and skier type. Whether it be crushing groomers with the New Englander, or shooting into the trees with the Native, Parlors limited edition skis provide excellent performance in any condition you could want. With Parlor being a fellow Boston company, we felt that both of us enjoy a fun environment while delivering the highest quality and interaction with our customers.

Parlor: Hard to choose, but is there one particular limited edition that speaks to you?

NRO: The McFellon has been the biggest hit so far with the sweet topsheet graphic combined with the ultimate powder toy.

Parlor: Parlor and NRO are setting up some times to hang out in NRO this winter. What will that look like and why would you recommend people come by?

NRO: These events as designed for anybody that enjoys talking about skiing, learning about skiing, or just having a good time. These events will include beverages and great conversation to wind down the work week and get excited for those weekend "pow" trips.

Parlor: Couldn't let you go without asking. Favorite Apres beverage?
NRO: PBR hands down.

There you have it! Make sure to visit NRO at 112 Revere St & Corner of Charles Street & Revere Street in Boston.