Trust the Process: Parlor Pro Libby Ellis Gets Custom Skis

You may have seen our recent interview with the first female member of our pro staff, Libby Ellis. She's a total badass skier and photographer who grew up cross country skiing and racing in the Midwest. For the past week, Libby has been working with one of our best graphic designers to create her custom pair of Parlors. You're probably thinking "oh just cause she's pro staff she gets a custom pair" - but you'd be wrong. Everyone has the opportunity to work hand in hand with our designers to create a pair of skis designed exactly for you. Let me take you through the process.

1. You've cruised through the Parlor flock and are liking what you see. Maybe you've checked out our sweet line up of co-labs, from the Rasta ski to the American Museum of Fly Fishing. Didn't see a design that really feels like you? More excited about repping a design that you had a part in creating? Good. We've got a whole department for that.

2. Hit us up! Parlor's founders Mark and Peter will talk through what kind of skiing you like best, whether you're a cruiser or a tree guy. If you want to nerd out on "camber" and "flex" or just want to know a little more about what skis are made of, these two will talk your ear off. Libby comes from a cross country background, but got into backcountry skiing when she moved out to Salt Lake. She went with the a 171 Kingfisher 105 with a back country lay up. Lightweight and playful, these skis are going to be perfect for touring in the Wasatch, the solid maple and aspen core will still provide plenty of drive and stability in the steeps and chutes.

3. Once you've settled on the technical aspects of your new skis, you'll get paired up with one of our graphic designers downstairs. This is a totally collaborative process, where you'll be providing direction to your designer and reviewing drafts.

4. Next up? We send the final graphics and specs downstairs to be made, and you get your custom skis ready to rip in 2-3 weeks! Check out how Libby's ended up!