Parlor Skis for South Peak

Color: Mountains-Lift

We have designed four different skis that will work beautifully for South Peak skiing depending on your style and how and where you ski the mountain. All you have to do is make a few selections to ensure they will be right for you. 

• Choose the model that fits your skier style. 

• Choose the best length for your height, build and ability.

• Pick one of the 3 exclusive South Peak graphics.

• Make your pair truly one-of-a-kind with personalization. Add your name, initials or something personal, up to 20 alpha or numeric characters. 

If you have any questions on your selection, please text call or email Mark, 413-884-4747.


Model Summary:

Carving 78: This ski is designed to be most at home on the groomed terrain, slightly wider and more forgiving than a traditional carving ski it is designed with the firm days in mind. This ski carves tight turns and can draw out a longer radius when desired. It is quick from edge-to-edge and very stable at higher speeds. 

Women's All Mountain 85:  This ski  is designed to be the ultimate confidence builder, attacking everything from the blues to the trees! Its slight early rise tip and traditional camber underfoot make turn initiation a breeze, and leads to an impressive hold on ice when needed. We combine narrow strips of titinal for stability with a light weight triax glass, making this ski nimble while also stable on hard snow and ice.

All Mountain 93: This ski is designed to do a bit of everything—at any speed and on any snow surface. Utilizing two layers of titanal, an early rise tip, and subtle tail rocker this ski tows the line between locking in a turn and being able to release when necessary. It performs at faster speeds and has a decent amount of drive. At 93 underfoot the Cardinal Pro is wide enough to provide good float in softer snow, on all but the best days, but is still quick and responsive on the frontside.


Off-Piste 105 : This ski is designed with quickness and flotation in mind. Its long tip rocker and shorter running length smooths out the bumps, crud and slush, allowing for quick turns in the trees. When this ski comes back on to the groomers it favors a tight to mid radius turning, either on the side of the trail or across the fall line. At 105 underfoot, its wider waist width allows for more floatation in the softer snow and crud.

On our semi custom skis we use a standard flex pattern, which is appropriate for most skiers. The flex pattern for this ski has been designed to match the overall design of this ski and to provide a smooth and responsive feel for the ski

The laminates are the main structural component of our skis. All of our semi custom skis come with our frontside lay up. Built with three layers of Vectorply triaxial fiberglass, this lay up prioritizes dampness and stability while still maintaining a low swing weight.

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