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A fully bespoke experience, you will have a meeting (virtual or in person) with Parlor owner and ski designer Mark Wallace. You will discuss your skiing style, where you are planning on using this pair of skis, and how you would like to perform. We will then design the perfect ski for you, including custom graphics. Lead time is 3-4 weeks. Prices start at $1,750.

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Prices start at $1,750


We work with you to understand your unique style and build the perfect pair of skis to match your ability, terrain choice, height and weight. It allows us to choose the perfect profiles, materials and construction to create your one-of-a-kind ski that improves balance, control and efficiency to make skiing much more comfortable and ultimately, more fun.

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Customers have a choice of working with a Parlor designer or their own graphic designer to create a look that's all their own. We offer a choice of any color combinations and design patterns.

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Dave Johnston

Building skis with the folks at Parlor was a real treat.  As a life-long skier, actually seeing how a ski is constructed has added a whole new level of joy to the sport for me.  And better yet, the skis are fantastic and totally rip!  Building a new pair of skis has now become a part of my pre-season ritual!

The guys at Parlor really love skiing, and it comes through in their product.  The skis are great, and there seems to be a model for everyone.  They totally demystified the process, and helped get me on the right pair of boards for my needs.  Nice work guys.

Tim Colton

When Stockli decided to dumb down the rabid Stormrider in 2015 I was beside myself.  I have known Parlor as a respected skiers’ ski and a company that will allow you to design your own ski but I asked them to go above and beyond and make an exact duplicate of my (old) Stormriders, from the snow up; a bespoke ski as it were with as similar a material content as possible to the original Stockli.

I was not disappointed.  I’ve skied the gamut: from Henke tie boots/cable bindings/wood ski with cracked metal edge/Arlberg safety straps thru 225cm Javelin XXL’s with the first buckle Nordicas and up into custom Strolz and Surefoot boots on the Stocklis. I didn’t think it could get any better- then the Parlor bespokes arrived.  Lighter in weight than the Stockli and skiing the ultimate ski boot (the weightless Dodge Carbon Fiber) it is effortless to rip these things.  Amazing boost to both my ski prowess and the length of my ski day.  Much less effort expended with this lighter, livelier setup of Parlor and Dodge.

One problem: much like golf clubs you can’t be happy with anything other so I had to have pairs made to keep in Vail and Montana in addition to my Vermont skis.   Parlor worked with me to design more float into the “western” ski so we extended both tips and tails 4 to 5 cm without altering the snow footprint so now these skis still aggressively rip the front side but have increased float in the light powder of the west.


I had demoed a couple of different Parlor skis one day at Mad River Glen.  I liked them, but was looking for something a tad narrower in the waist and with a bit of pop.  Not as stiff as a race ski, but snappy and responsive.   I was also looking for a ski that had moderate front rocker for the bumps and woods, as well as a bit of traditional camber for better performance on trails.  Really looking for a hybrid ski… something that skis well in the bumps and the woods, but also has energy and responsiveness on groomed.   In retrospect, it was a pretty tall order. The folks at Parlor were great to work with.  They helped and worked with me on the dimensions, rocker/camber, and core materials that would (hopefully) provide the target performance.  We ended up with a ski that had the tail and waist of a Cardinal 90, a tip width in between the Cardinal 90 & Cardinal 100, camber under foot with a bit of a rise in the tips, and a core weighted toward hardwoods to provide the desired responsiveness.  The result was everything that I had hoped for and has been my go-to ski for the past two seasons.  The gents at Parlor have made my favorite past-time even more enjoyable.

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