Custom Moonlight Basin Limited Edition Ski


Choose from two designs offered exclusively to Moonlight Basin members.

The Parlor custom ski experience begins with a personal fitting to help you select the platform that best suits your needs, including a choice of flex, camber and traditional or carbon construction for the skis.

Your skis are then built by hand in our factory in East Boston, MA and shipped directly to you. Expect email updates during the 3-4 week build process.

Congrats and welcome to the Parlor tribe. We're stoked to get started. 


On our semi custom skis we use a standard flex pattern, which is appropriate for most skiers. The flex pattern for this ski has been designed to match the overall design of this ski and to provide a smooth and responsive feel for the ski

The laminates are the main structural component of our skis. All of our semi custom skis come with our frontside lay up. Built with three layers of Vectorply triaxial fiberglass, this lay up prioritizes dampness and stability while still maintaining a low swing weight.

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