McFellon Pro

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The "McFellon" is a brainchild of our dedicated ski builders and Tim McLellan, aka Jah McFellon. Tim was born and raised in Vermont, coming up in the well-known Mad River Glen Freeskiing Team, where he was also a coach for several years.

When Tim came on board we all agreed that we needed to develop a ski perfectly tailored for Tim's hard-charging, cliff dropping, yet creative & flowy style. This meant making some significant changes to our "Mountain Jay" shape, including an early rise tail for increased floatation & maneuverability as well as a more centered mount point for easier mid-air acrobatics.

Tim brought his friend Caroline Kessler into the mix to help create a stunning top sheet, depicting the mountains of his home state along with the native brook trout that inhabit the streams of those mountains. After a year of shredding on the McFellons, Tim is stoked to make his first ever pro-model available to the public. So here it is, available to you, not only the best performing but also the most durable ski this Montana-based shredder has ever had the pleasure of riding.


Mcfellon Pro Vitals:      
Length 192 cm 185 cm 178 cm
Tip 144 144 144
Waist 112 112 112
Tail  138 138 138
Radius 19.8m 18m 17m


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