Parlor Snowboards for Wasatch Peaks Ranch

Color: black-dubs-s

We have designed five different Snowboards that will work beautifully for Wasatch Peak riding depending on your style and how and where you ski the mountain. All you have to do is make a few selections to ensure they will be right for you. 

• Choose the model that fits your skier style. 

• Choose the best length for your height, build and ability.

• Pick one of the 27 exclusive WPR graphics.

• Make your pair truly one-of-a-kind with personalization. Add your name, initials or something personal, up to 20 alpha or numeric characters. 

Congratulations on your custom WPR x Parlor Snowboards. We're excited to get them in the press! 


If you have any questions on your selection, please text call or email Mark, 413-884-4747.


Model Summary:

All Mountain: This board fuses a traditional camber to early rise tip with a directional flex creating a surfy all mountain board that will be quick in bumps and trees but also trench on groomers. The board has a torsion-flex-waist that allows for quicker edge to edge transitions increasing the boards agility and responsiveness. Extra volume in the tip and a half-moon tail create exceptional lift in deep stuff. 

Carver: A Surfer’s take on a traditional twin. This is a powerful and confident board that builds energy in every turn, driving you throughout your line. With a relatively tight side cut radius at 7.3 meters this board lives to be on edge, railing turns and holding on hard pack. Early rise and maintained width in the nose allows the board to sustain float in softer snow and power through more variable conditions. This board oozes confidence, just lay it over to find out.

Powder: This is a directional all-mountain/powder board that will surprise you with every turn. It’s short and stubby nature makes for a super stable, slashy board that can dip and dodge when needed just as well as it arcs turns on groomers .A short, split tail and spooned out nose provides excellent lift and agility when it gets deep. It's an attention-grabbing board that will leave you looking for that next turn. And lastly, don’t forget to pick up your wallet that you dropped on that sick backside slash.

All Mountain -Twin: A traditionalists twin. Almost fully symmetrical, this board is a twin shaped board that can do everything the all-mountain rider needs. The symmetrical outline keeps the rider balanced when in the air, on rail or riding switch. Full camber under foot drives the contact points down, creating confident edge hold for the harder more technical days. A torsion waist flex drops the core thickness between binding points making edge to edge transitions quicker, enhancing overall agility while maintaining stiffness and pop in the tip and tail. As the name suggests, you’ll want to keep this one nearby.

Powder-All Mountain: Usually ridden longer than your standard board, this board provides ample edge contact and full camber for style turns and charging carves on trail. A long early rise nose matched with a tapered fish tail creates a surfers dream pow board, staying on plane while staying agile. This is the surf style directional board your quiver is missing. 

On our semi custom skis we use a standard flex pattern, which is appropriate for most skiers. The flex pattern for this ski has been designed to match the overall design of this ski and to provide a smooth and responsive feel for the ski

The laminates are the main structural component of our skis. All of our semi custom skis come with our frontside lay up. Built with three layers of Vectorply triaxial fiberglass, this lay up prioritizes dampness and stability while still maintaining a low swing weight.

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