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What is going on with the tail on those skis.... This very well might be the theme of many of your ski days if you are lucky enough to get a pair of the BUCK NAKEDs. We are calling the tail Striper Tech and it is the first convex or surfing inspired tail to hit the ski market.

The birth of the Buck Naked started last spring when we sat down with Harrison Buck, our man in Aspen and Parlor Ambassador. We set out to design a new ski for him that was both a powder ski and a daily driver for the bigger lines and open bowls he loves to ski. 

During the design phase, we focused on three distinct design elements to make this ski unique and different from the other wide skis in the Parlor line up. First we added camber. This was a must for Harrison to provide him with the ability to push hard and fast in the crud. Then we focused on the tips. This ski has a distinct wide and boxy nose which makes attaching skins a breeze, helps the skis plane in soft snow, and bust the crud when it presents itself. The tail of the ski is the first of its kind and where the magic happens. Having a convex cut away tail shaped like the tail of a fish surfboard allows the loose feeling of a pin tail ski, but allows enough flotation to sit back and stop the tail to get you out of trouble. Plus it just looks plain sexy.

With art from @sortaintersting and a dark stained sidewall, these skis are sure to grab as much attention in the lift line as they do when you are shredding the gnar!

"They do everything I want them to, they far exceeded my already high expectation" 

- Harrison Buck (pictured at right on one of those deeper days)

Meet Harrison Buck and the inspiration behind the Buck Naked

Tip: 148
Waist: 115
Tail: 137
Radius: 19 m

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