Athlete bio: Tucker Beatty

Meet Tucker Beatty, a current UVM senior and all around ripper. Tucker grew up in Massachusetts on the north shore, but always had skiing engrained in his life. Tucker made the move full time up to VT for an education at UVM and took to the outdoor scene right away. Tucker is currently the treasurer for the UVM ski and snowboard club, and also can be found being a content machine on both sides of a camera lens. When he isn't skiing Tucker is usually flying all over the US shooting breathtaking images of BMWs. Tucker's love of cars translated over to his ski design, taking big cues from Porsche's pink pig livery which can be seen here.


Photo: Brooks Curran

How old were you when you learned to Ski?

My first day on skis was at about 18th months old. I was lucky, my family was really committed to getting my sister and I on the hill at a young age. Once I turned 4 we started going almost every weekend. 

Tell us your life story as seen through skiing (skip all that boring stuff that doesn't involve playing in the snow)  

I grew up skiing Suicide Six near Woodstock in Vermont. It’s a super small, family mountain that I had a blast ripping around with my friends in middle school. “The Face” was always the perfect groomer to blast GS turns on and “Backscratcher” provided some fun mogul and tree skiing. After Six, I graduated to skiing Pico. I like to describe Pico as, “Killington but better and empty.” That was where I really developed as a more aggressive skier. After 4 years racing for St. John’s Prep at Bradford every week (admittedly not the most challenging mountain ever), I was ready for some real New England terrain. UVM was an easy choice to continue my education and Stowe was the perfect fit. I had taken countless day trips to Stowe from Woodstock with my Dad, but I never had the opportunity to go consistently until College. UVM also introduced me to Ski Touring. Getting to explore all of Vermont’s amazing terrain has provided me with some of the most memorable ski days of my life. I became an officer in UVM’s Ski and Snowboard Club during my Sophomore year. Being an officer has allotted me the opportunity to ski almost everywhere in northern Vermont, getting a taste of some of the best skiing New England has to offer. 

What's your favorite mountain in New England?

Probably Stowe or Suicide Six. I grew up skiing six every weekend for almost 10 years. It’s such a special place to me. I also consider Stowe a second home. I’ve been there almost 5 days a week for the past 4 years while up at UVM. Ther terrain is nearly unmatched anywhere else in New England. Endless BC spots make for endless fun all winter.

Tell us about the most epic ski day of your life.

Its so hard to pick just one. Last year I had about 6 best days ever. Vermont’s snow cycle just kept delivering and the skiing was some of the best of my life. There we so many mid-week storms that brought all the goods, but none of the people. Last season was absolutely epic, and every day was honestly a best day.

What do you like about working with Parlor?

Working with Parlor has been amazing. I had never been able to find a ski that matched my skiing style all that well. After working with Mark and the rest of the team we developed the perfect ski for how I use the mountain. Wider ski that handles deeper snow, but pivots well in tighter areas and has plenty of sidecut to rail groomers. I still haven’t really found conditions yet that the ski doesnt like. You really haven't enjoyed skiing fully until you have the perfect ski for you. Having a dialed setup helps you push yourself every time you click-in. The whole experience has been incredible, from the skis to the incredible family that makes up the company, I’m lucky to be apart of something so special.

Favorite Apres beverage? 

Vermont is know for its micro brew IPAs and as a student at UVM ive had the opportunity to explore a large sample of some of Vermont’s best. Creamsicle from Frost or Focal Banger are always go to’s, however Foam Brewer’s rotating menu always has something special on tap.


Catch Tucker skiing at Stowe this winter and take a peek at his custom pink skis.