Powder Hour with Hilary McCloy

This is a six week conditioning program that will focus on strengthening the key muscle groups that are required to ski safely and powerfully. Hilary will instruct you on the critical cueing and focus for each exercise so that it is performed correctly and efficiently. The program will progress from baseline strengthening to more powerful exercises towards the end.

WEEKLY WORKOUTS: Each workout will have a list of equipment recommended, a list of the workout and a video that will run through each exercise and how to perform them correctly.

  • two workouts per week, both available by each Mon. morning

  • recommended to perform the workouts at least 2 days apart

  • 45 minute long workouts

  • recommended/optional equipment: balance disk, kettle bell or dumb bells, therabands, physioball, box or something to jump over. You could do this at a local gym or at home.

The class is $75 for all six weeks. www.hilarymccloy.com/powder-hour-online


The first 2 workouts are on us and can be found here:





"As a US Alpine Ski team alum, avid trail runner and Doctor of Physical Therapy, I have learned from my experiences that many athletes - recreational to elite - lack basic biomechanical knowledge that can prevent common injuries." - Hilary McCloy