Inside The Parlor: Tate O'Brien

Tate O'Brien is one of the super talented graphic designers working with Parlor to create the unique top sheets that are popping up on mountains all over the world. As a student at Northeastern University, Tate has the opportunity to work with us in person on a regular basis. Along with her graphic design work, Tate also handles the dye sublimation process in the shop. We were extremely lucky to have the Colorado native join the team this fall, so we took the opportunity to sit down with Tate and pick her brain. Enjoy!

How old were you when you learned to ski? 

TO: I think about 4 or 5...though I am sure what I was doing then doesn't really count as skiing.


Tell us your life story as seen through skiing (skip all that boring stuff that doesn't involve playing in the snow)

TO: It took me until I was 8 or 9 to actually enjoy skiing with out being cold, I refused to use poles for a while because I thought it would make me faster and I wanted to beat all the boys. I did team for exactly one year at Copper Mountain when I was around 10 or 11, and gave that up for more fun skiing. I spent every weekend November - March or April from when I was about 11 until 18 at Keystone or Breckenridge skiing with my friends or cousins and it was such a competitive atmosphere it made everyone better. 


What's your favorite mountain in New England?

TO: I haven't skied too many out here, but have really enjoyed my days at Stowe. 


Tell us about the most epic ski day of your life.

TO: My senior year of high school I woke up on a weekday and checked the snow reports - something like 30 inches across the whole front range. I called about 6 friends and by 7 o'clock we had decided to ditch school and drive up to Breckenridge. Best. Day. Ever. It was empty. Epic.


Favorite Apres beverage? 

TO: Honestly, Dr. Pepper.


Hopefully now you know one of our favorite graphic designers and team members a little better. Tate is a Denver native loving life on the east coast, and if you're lucky enough one day you might just own a pair of skis with her design on the top sheet... Work with Tate on your own custom pair.