Inside the Parlor: Tyler Grees

Tyler has been a partner at Parlor since the fall of 2014. As the Production Manager, the majority of his time is spent building skis. Growing up between Williamstown, MA and Cape Cod, Tyler developed an appreciation for the natural world at a young age. Along with his love of riding waves and sliding on snow, Tyler has developed a deep passion for woodworking, which is evident in every pair of skis that he touches. We recently sat down with Tyler to ask some questions, and help the community get to know him a little better. Enjoy! 

Young Tyler

How old were you when you learned to ski? 
TG: I was 3
Tell us your life story as seen through skiing (skip all that boring stuff that doesn't involve playing in the snow)
TG: My skiing life story has been and continues to be pretty fortunate. Having a Ski Coach as a Dad definitely had some perks...Among lift tickets, sweet hand-me-downs, and a couple tips here and there I had endless opportunities to explore skiing as a sport and a passion. I didn't stick around in the race world long, but have continued to slide down mountains one way or another. A different passion, one of design and build, has led me back to the ski industry where I now craft custom, one of a kind skis for skiers around the country. 
What's your favorite mountain in New England?
TG: Sugarloaf
Tell us about the most epic ski day of your life.
TG: It was at a small ski area (don't remember the name, or if it had one) outside Dombas, Norway. After the first dump of the season my dad and I stopped by on our way to somewhere we ended up forgetting about. After several solo, father-son, knee deep runs the owner of the hill/lift came out to meet us. Smiling, he said he was heading out to lunch and told us to turn the lifts off when we were done. Epic
What do you like about working at Parlor?
TG: I have always found a great deal of reward and satisfaction in building things for people. At Parlor we create relationships with our customers, we invite them into our building process, giving them a unique and educational experience as well as a one of a kind, hand tailored pair of sticks. The result is typically a stoke overflow, and that interchange is what I enjoy most about working at Parlor. 
Favorite Apres beverage? 
TG: 'gansett tallboy
So there you have it. That guy who's building your skis started skiing when he was three years old, has fond memories of powder laps in Norway, loves sugarloaf and 'gansett tall boys, and nothing gives him more satisfaction than people riding on the skis he built. 
Tyler in the shop
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