Inside The Parlor: Warner Nickerson

To say that Warner Nickerson is a legend in the ski racing world would be a lie, only because this unicorn is very real. Born in Gilford, NH Warner was raised between Gunstock Mountain and Lake Winnipesaukee. While his ski racing career has taken him around the world, Warner is happy to call New England home once again. Warner was the very first member of the burgeoning Parlor Pro Team, and he works closely with our friends over at Dodge Ski Boots in Vermont.

We were lucky to track down this majestic ripper and sit him down for a quick Q&A.... enjoy

How old were you when you learned to Ski?

WN: 3, but I don't remember.


Tell us your life story as seen through skiing (skip all that boring stuff that doesn't involve playing in the snow)  

WN: Raced growing up, in college, after college, on and off the world cup for 9 years, but it's all about the exhilaration of rolling your skis up on edge and snapping off a nasty turn. 


What's your favorite mountain in New England?

WN: Tuckerman's Ravine, but I do heart Gunstock and Cannon. 


Tell us about the most epic ski day of your life.

WN: Heli-skiing all day in the fjords in Iceland.  We capped off the day with a sunset ski at midnight where the sun never quite set - it just kissed the horizon - the colors were magnificent for hours.  I think I could do it everyday for the rest of my life. 

What do you like about working with Parlor?

WN: I just dig the crew.  After skiing with them in college, it's just nature to enjoy their company and have an excellent time ripping on each other.  


Favorite Apres beverage? 

WN: Any Champagne will do.

So there you go. Warner used to race against Mark, Pete & the guys in college, but now we're all on the same team. You probably won't beat him down the hill, but when you finally get down he might just be waiting there with a flute of bubbly... 

Warner skis on some pretty epic planks... Try to keep up