Parlor Got a New Website!

Co-owner and manager Mark Wallace weighs in on what's new with the Parlor website.

Mark, Parlor's website just got a makeover! What's new and what made you feel this change was necessary?

We have been working on a new product line for the last year, and are super excited to have it go live with the launch of the new site. We are always looking for ways to make the ski buying experience better for our clients and we realized that while everyone wants the high quality, durability and performance that comes from owning a pair of Parlors, the level of engagement that goes into buying process is really different. We have created a line of limited edition skis. These are some of our favorite custom builds that we are putting a specific graphic on and making a limited run of 25 pairs of each one. The custom graphics line gives you a choice of one of five platforms, your choice of flex and laminates (back country or front side) and of course the opportunity to work with one of our world class designers to come up with graphics that is all your own.

What does this mean for a Parlor customer?

It is now easier than ever to buy a pair of skis from Parlor. If you want skis right away, or the thought of custom graphics is too daunting, then the limited editions are perfect for you. If you really want to dig in and create the perfect ski for you, then the Raven series is a amazing way to become a ski designer and end up with the ultimate custom experience.

The 'limited editions' page looks awesome. Does this mean Parlor will have a great emphasis on limited edition graphics for the 2018 season?

For sure, we have been looking for a way to collaborate with amazing designers and artists and offer some amazing custom builds on a bigger scale. This offers us the opportunity to do both, and by creating them in limited runs you still know that you are getting a unique and special ski that has its own story and identity.

Tell us more about the Raven series experience.

This is the perfect option for the true ski maven, or the person looking for a one of a kind experience. It gives me a chance to work one on one with each client to come up with the perfect specs for their skis, it gives us a lot more options to play with and really lets both my and our designer creativity flow.