Parlor Pro Makes it into Powder Magazine

Parlor Pro Tim McClellan was featured in the latest edition of Powder Magazine, stomping his way through this powder bucket on his pro model - The McFellon. This shot was taken by the photographer Brooks Curran on the second day of Stella, which many east coast skiers will remember as the highlight of last year's season.

Stella lasted 3 days and dropped a whopping 58" on parts of Vermont. Tim and Brooks were hanging out with Ski The East at Stowe, and saw a great line with a heavy powder drift. They hiked up into the notch of Mt. Mansfield, and Tim set up to drop in.

"That line was really good for showing what the storm did. In normal conditions you might have passed it over, but for shooting stills it was perfect," says Tim.

We sure are glad they didn't pass it over.