Parlor Releases "Hot Dog" Ski from 1984 Movie

An absolute classic through and through, the “Hot Dog” is built on Parlor’s most popular platform, the Cardinal 100, and inspired by the best ski movie of all time. In an era when the concept of “quiver” did not exist, we’re pretty sure the Cardinal 100 would have been the choice for most. It still is today. With full (but subtle) reverse camber and a modest waist, the ski can handle whatever is thrown at it: bumps, trees, powder, groomers, and yes, even a Chinese Downhill. Whether you fancy yourself a member of the Rat Pack or not, the Hot Dog will not disappoint. It is your best shot ever of taking down the Austrians.

Parlor designer Brian Neilson channeled the film’s spirit into the graphic, creating a perfect retro flare on Parlor’s flagship ski.

So go on, be a Hot Dog.