Trip Report: Mount Timpanogos

Mount Timpanogos is the second highest peak in Utah's Wasatch range. Parlor athlete Dave Rosen recently made a day trip out of the technical descent and sent along a few notes and photos from the trip.

Timpanogos is a bucket list peak for any ski mountaineer in the Wasatch, with over 4,000 vertical feet of skiing, 3,000 of which with a pitch of 45 degrees or more. The descent usually includes a mandatory repel, but with Utah's deep snowpack this year Dave and his partner, Dan McCann were able to ski all 4000 feet uninterrupted. Dave is a New Hampshire native who lives in the Park City area where he skis for a number of brands, including Parlor, Dave's go-to pair is his "Live Free or Die" Mountain Jay. Dave's partner on this mission was Dan McCann, another Utah-based mountaineer whose long list of accomplishments includes a first telemark descent of the Grand in Grand Teton National Park. They're both pretty stoked to go back... 

Get rad like Dave...

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dan McCann
dan McCann

March 22, 2017

2nd solo free heel decent of the grand.
3rd highest decent in the world on teles from 26500 ft on Cho oyu. You should post that its more impressive than the grand. Dave was a very good partner. We will do more rad stuff this spring

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