'17-18 Ski Tech

Full-Time Ski Finisher and Technician

40 hr per week, regular business hours 8 to 4:30

Pay $12-15 per hour

Email Resume to Mark@ParlorSkis.com

Job Description:

Parlor is looking for someone to lead one of the most critical steps in our production process. The finish that Parlor puts on every pair of skis is one of the things that sets us apart from the other ski companies. From when the ski comes out of the press until it is in the customer's hands, it needs to be cut out, routed, sanded, personalized, base sanded flat and then stone ground. We are looking for a motivated individual who takes pride in their work and who has great attention to detail to join our team of craftsmen.

Job Skills/Experience

  • Carpentry/woodshop experience
  • Manufacturing/job shop work
  • Basic computer skills (Excel, printer capability, Hubspot)
  • Ski tuning experience is preferred but not required


Primary Roles:

Ski Shaping and Sidewall Finishing

  • Remove excess material from outside edge of ski
  • Bevel the sidewall using a router and sander
  • Hand sand and round top sheet
  • Varnish and stamp sidewalls with initials

Ski Packaging

  • Package skis for shipment
  • Use shipping system to print labels
  • Label skis with mount point, and place swag in box

Ski Tuning and Base Finishing


Responsible for all the steps after cut out and edge rounded, not including stamping, sand and varnish.

-Sanding/stone grind




-Machine cleaning

Production Manager

-Ordering and staying ahead of material needs (raw materials, consumables, tool consumables)

-Establish QC points and maintain quality products

- The goal of making sure all quality leaving the shop, meets our standards

- Pre-press inspection

- Before finishing

- Before shipping

-Ensure efficient training and productivity of production assistants

-Production schedule

-Biweekly ski production

-Daily production for assistants

-CNC production

- Including CAD work and Programing

-Shop Tours

-Tooling/Machine upkeep

-Cut out/sidewall edging/topsheet beveling

- Includes backfilling as required to meet schedule.

- Process improvement

- Production of prototypes

- Cost analysis and capital planning

- Shop appearance and cleanliness

Hour allocation

CNC Work @ 15 pairs/week:

(15)Core outlines-2 hours

Base Outline-2 hours

Base lettering- 30 mins

Core profiling-2.5 hours

Total hours:7 hours

Sidewall edging-2.5 hours

Topsheet beveling-2.5 hours

Total: 5 hours

Total Production hours required: at least 12 hrs a week

Leaving 28 hours for:

Ordering (1 hr)

Scheduling (1hr)

Process monitoring